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  • During the pandemic lockdowns in April 2020, Stitcher put together the Online Quiz League to keep fellow British quizzers engaged. Jones assembled the platform and added numerous technical innovations. Among the many people who made OQL an instant hit were writers like Linge, who also developed such spinoffs as the Pop Culture Challenge and the International Culture Challenge. Another writer, Hannah, created the Connections OQL, inspired by the series Only Connect and is bringing OQL to nine languages. Another writer, Bahnaman, brought OQL to North America and developed the OQL Regions spinoff.
  • Ben Chan is the only Jeopardy player to win all nine of victories as runaways, meaning that he was impossible to catch, amassing $252,600 along the way. Even more remarkably, Chan's run was interrupted after his first three wins when he contracted Covid-19. He came back for a show that aired a month later, but by this time he was facing an eight-time champ, whom he beat, with a runaway. If not for a slight Final Jeopardy error in his ninth game, the first that was not a runaway, there is no telling how long his streak could have gone.
  • Ghannam founded the O'Brien's Pub Quiz in Santa Monica, California, in 1998. He created the format and the quiz is still run the same way. He found the Fez; teams drop answers slips into the Fez and get to wear it in a group photo should they win. Today, O'Brien's is the collaborative effort of dozens of people and boasts a galaxy of Jeopardy champions and other trivia enthusiasts every Wednesday. What Ghannam founded remains a welcoming, competitive, inclusive trivia community that is his lasting legacy.
  • In the 1990s, You Don't Know Jack was synonymous with CD-ROM trivia games and for most of those games the star was Cookie, voiced by Gottlieb. Unlike just about everything else in the trivia world at the time, the game was funny, irreverent and aimed at a (then) young Gen X audience. It has since expanded to other formats, notably the Jackbox Party Pack, and Gottlieb was also the announcer for the short-lived You Don't Know Jack TV show in 2001.
  • Hitomi was a key founder of the Japan Quizzing Association in 2018, popularizing international quizzing in her country. As a professional quiz creator in Japan, she has run quiz events and organized quizzes for TV programs and provided educational projects from elementary school to university. Hitomi has been writing quizzes for the All Japan High School Quiz Championship, which according to Guinness had the most participants of any quiz program in the world. She judges quiz-writing contests for students and trains younger quizzers.
  • Kelly had been a regular player at Burleigh Heads Bowls Club trivia for many years when, in 2006, he started running the event himself. In 2011, the Brisbane resident established Quizzing Australia, of which he is still the director. It runs annual state and national quiz championships and selects Australian teams for international competition. He also manages the Asia-Pacific division of the online league Quiz Nations. Christian has represented Australia at the Quiz Olympiad and Asia-Pacific Quiz Championships, and hosted many pub trivia and charity events.
  • from 1972 to 1997. Like Jeopardy's Alex Trebek, he often appeared as himself as the host of Mastermind on other TV series. And, fittingly, he and Trebek are the namesakes of the trophy awarded to the transatlantic Online Quiz League champion.
  • Meyer won the Learned League scarf four of the first seven times it was contested. As of this writing, there have only been three years in which he did not finish first or second. He finished in the top 10 at the World Quizzing Championships three consecutive times from 2019 to 2021 He also won six games and $214,802 on Jeopardy in 2023. He even met his wife on a Jeopardy practice website. He is also a member of MILF Hotel, a team that has come to dominate the Online Quiz League, and he wrote extensively for WikiQuiz.
  • While at Loyola University, Mueller won Jeopardy's College Championship in 2000. She came back the next year to win the Tournament of Champions. After Ken Jennings' run, all of Jeopardy's greatest champions were assembled to face him in the 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions, where she made it to semi-finals. She also made the semi-finals in the 2014 Battle of the Decades and in the 2019 All-Star Games. On top of the more than $200,000 she has won on Jeopardy, she won $25,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and had a stellar quiz bowl career.
  • Mulky, WingCo to his friends, was one of the eight quiz enthusiasts who founded the Karnataka Quiz Association in 1983. He also single-handedly set up the school, college and open circuits in and around Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), which made the city the Quiz Capital of India. KQA runs Mahaquizzer and the top Mahaquizzer scorer wins the Mulky Trophy for Quizzing Excellence, presented at ASKQANCE, the KQA Anniversary Open Quiz Festival. His model of small, regularly held events on a wide range of topics still influences quizzing in Karnataka, and KQA remains a not-for-profit to this day, as he wanted it.
  • In 2007, Ramme founded the online quiz site Sporcle as a way for him to get better at Jeopardy and crosswords. Pharr and Aydar joined early on to help build the online quiz community, which today has had some four billion games played. In 2012, Adams joined forces with Sporcle, bringing his pub trivia business to the table as Sporcle Live. And in 2019, Sporcle announced TriviaCon, a weekend convention for trivia and quizzing fans, which launched as SporcleCon in Washington DC in 2022.
  • Originally a journalist, Robinson is best known for hosting The Weakest Link on BBC for 12 years, and for a year on NBC. She was famous for her grim demeanour and caustic dismissals of eliminated contestants. In 2021, she took over Countdown. In 2020, the show returned to the US, with a new version hosted by Jane Lynch, who got to torment one contestant in particular who failed to answer correctly a question for which Lynch herself was the answer.
  • Quiz Daddy, Quiz Khalifa, Host Malone, the Trap Trebek. Called HQ's "secret weapon" by TechCrunch, Rogowski was the face of the HQ trivia app. As a stand-up comedian who could improvise on his feet, he had an ability to vamp over the site's technical difficulties in its early days, which became his effusive trademark. At times, more than a million people were playing HQ and its success produced a wave of imitators, none of which lasted. HQ itself came undone after Rogowski parted ways with it.

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