We have everything you need: questions, a PowerPoint presentation, answer sheets, an Excel file to track the scores, promotional materials (including a media kit) and more! Ask us!

What We Offer

Not everyone can write trivia that works. Good trivia entertains, so Cornerstone uses the same combination of playful humour and gee-whiz factoids that you see in our games.

We've been providing trivia since 1992 for corporate clients, Web sites, cell phone companies, charities and pubs. We know all the pitfalls that can ruin trivia questions. Check out our essay on writing great trivia questions for some inside info.

  • I need lots of questions. Starting at just 25 cents (US) each, we're offering 45,000+ of our best questions, all multiple choice answers, arranged by category and difficulty level, and available in Excel or ASCII. You can buy as many or as few as you would like and, for a small fee, we can even provide questions in the specific categories or difficulty levels you want. International audience? No problem. Ask us for your free 20-question sample or call (613) 565-7847.
  • I need customized questions. With backgrounds in PR, marketing and writing, not to mention trivia, we can create fresh trivia that works specifically for your communications objectives. Oh ... and we can make the game fun, too! Ask us about it or call toll-free, (877) 266-0778.
  • I'm running a fundraiser, party or special event. We run a very successful weekly pub game, we help organize a charity event that has raised more than $50,000 a year and we host teambuilding event and Christmas parties. We can send out player sheets, Q&A sheets for the host and whatever else you need to make your event a success. We can even advise on marketing and logistics. Ask us about it or call (613) 565-7847.
  • I need questions for a specific audience! No problem. We have 500-question packs for "Cool Kids," "Friends and Families," "Quiz Wizards" and "Regular Guys." Whether your audience is young opinion leaders, hard-core trivia buffs, a general audience or the guys at the sports bar, we can hone in on the people you want to reach!
  • I'm in Ottawa and don't want to host the event. We're in Ottawa, too! Paul has brought his best questions, and even a buzzer system, to events run by government offices, teachers, lawyers, journalists and others. He has even taken the bilingual show on the road, to such swank venues as Chateau Montebello and Strathmere. We can adapt the questions to your audience. And remember, the questions are bilingual! Ask us about it or call toll-free, (613) 565-7847.